Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Lawn Care tips!

As the temperatures rise and rainfall becomes a distant memory, our lawns bear the brunt of the summer heat. We want to make your Dan Ryan home look as beautiful as possible, and we know that starts with an immaculate lawn.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your lawn stays green all summer:
  • Water deeply and less frequently to encourage drought-tolerant roots
  • Raise your mower blade-taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps shade the earth to prevent weed seeds from germinating
  • Consider installing stepping stones in high-traffic areas. This will significantly improve the look of your lawn so you don't have brown, bald patches
  • Stop applying fertilizer 30 days before your area's summer temperatures arrive. The manure can actually burn your lawn!

With these easy tips, you can ensure that your lawn is the most beautiful on the block!

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Olympic Lawn & Landscape Inc said...

Awesome tips, thank you for sharing! I'll be sure to share some of these ideas with my clients. Look forward to more, thanks!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for share with us. I also want to share some tips to take care our lawn when summer.

1. Watering your lawn once a week should be good enough for most people. Make sure that you do a deep soak to allow the roots to dig deep for the water as this will make them stronger. If you water daily then the roots will stay higher and this will actually lead to a greater chance of grass damage occurring.

2. When you water your lawn, try to make sure that this is right in the morning when the sun is coming up. If you water your lawn during the day when the sun is at its highest point, then this can cause the grass to burn. In addition, by doing this almost all of the water will begin to evaporate immediately, and therefore a lot of your efforts will be wasted. If you water at night, you may find that fungus grows on it.

3. You should also apply a fertiliser that has a slow release function to your lawn. If you fertilise to quickly during the summertime then this can cause your lawn to burn up, and therefore you need to follow the instructions that you get with your fertiliser.

Of course if you don't have free time to take care your lawn, you can use lawn care service.